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The Clearlink build process. Compiles all of our source markup and provides a great development experience. There's a lot that Marla can do, including:

Compiling your markup

Compiles and lints all of your source markup files to help us write consistently across the team.

Working with JSON and Frontmatter

JSON files live in the `_src/data` directory. You can create as many files here as you want, and any page in your project can pull the content from them.

Your files can also have "local" data via YAML frontmatter at the top of each file. This can only be pulled in on the current page, or any partials that are being extended.

130+ Handlebars helpers included

Marla now ships with the handlebars-helpers library that's used in This library is massive and should have an existing helper for any needs you may have. If not, you can always create your own Helpers to utilize. Here's a few examples:

Highly Configurable

Marla's configuration is flexible and simple to use. There are separate objects set up for each task.

Marla's Configuration covers all of the available options you have.